Bài hội thoại ngắn ( TOEIC – PART 3 ) Workplace-Seminars-Business Plans_Phần 1

Work of the Personnel Department
Cùng học thuộc từ vựng cần nằm được trong chủ điểm này các bạn nhé.
Recruitment :
1. Candidate : Ứng viên
2. Hire : Thuê mướn
3. Offer : Đề nghị
4. Supervisor : Giám sát viên
Job application :
1. Application : Đơn xin việc
2. Submit : nộp, đệ trình
3. Human resources department : Phòng nhân sự
4. Degree : Bằng cấp
Promotion :
1. Career : Nghề nghiệp
2. Employee : Nhân viên
3. Hard-working : Làm việc chăm chỉ
4. Win : Chiến thằng
5. Promotion : Thúc đẩy
6. Manage : Quản lý
7. Executive : Điều hành
8. Accomplish : Hoàn thành
soluong_onNghe và lặp lại các từ vừa học các bạn nhé.

Các cách diễn tả thường gặp

Hire employeesThe company is hiring more employees for the marketing division
Have a degree inWe are only interested in applicants who have a degree in business
Conduct interviewsThe management is planning to conduct interviews tomorrow

Liên quan tới xin việc

Offer a salaryDancer Industries offers a lower salary, but their benefits are excellent
Apply forI’m applying for the office manager position
Send an application formPlease send us an application form by fax or email

Thăng tiến trong công việc

Be promoted toMs. Wu was promoted to director of sales
Take a positionMr. Apollo took the position as the human resources manager

soluong_onTiếp tục nghe và lặp lại nào

Practice : Listen to each conversation and choose correct answer to each question. You will listen two times
click play to listen :

1. What is the man interested in?
A. Writing articles
B. Advertising
2. What does the woman say about her job?
A. It is boring
B. It is interesting
3. What do the speakers suggest the Frankfurt office?
A. It is under construction
B. It is not yet open
4. What are the speakers discussing?
A. Hiring new workers
B. Applying for a job
5. What is the problem?

A. The restaurant needs more tableC. The quality of food is poor
B. The owner is awayD. There aren’t enough workers

6. What does the man say he will do next?

A. Serve a customerC. Call the owner
B. Hire a new waiterD. Eat his dinner

7. What is mentioned about Ms. Connery?

A. She was promotedC. She works in a supermarket
B. She owns the companyD. She will conduct interviews

8. What will the woman probably do?

A. Move to TucsonC. Hire new staff members
B. Contact Ms. ConneryD. Write a resume