Bài hội thoại ngắn ( TOEIC – PART 3 ) Workplace-Seminars-Business Plans_Phần 2

Từ vựng chủ điểm Workplace

Common vocabulary

Report writing : Báo cáo Job training : Đào tạo
1.      Deadline : Hạn chót
2.      Postpone : Trì hoãn
3.      Extend : Gia hạn
4.      Draft : Bản nháp
5.      Review : Xem xét
6.      Report : Báo cáo
7.      Material : Tài liệu
8.      Copy : Sao chép
1.      Seminar : Thuyết trình
2.      Training department : Phòng đào tạo
3.      Attendant : Người tham dự
4.      Registration : Sự đăng ký
5.      Presenter : Người thuyết trình
6.      Market trend : Xu hướng thị trường
7.      Improve : Cải thiện
8.      Point : Quan điểm

Common expressions

Turn in When will you be able to turn in the quarterly expense report?
Due to The reports are due on Wednesday
Ask the manager for an extension If you need more time, I can ask the manager for an extension

Job training

Sign up for I’m going to sign up for the course
Take a class We took a class on advertising for the South American market
Workshop for I’m happy there are workshops for new employees
Be covered All the basics will be covered in the software training session
Speak about The presenter, Mr. Chan, is going to speak about new market trends

Practice : Listen to each conversation and choose correct answer to each question. You will listen two.
timesclick play to listen :

1. When is the deadline?
A. Tuesday
B. Thursday
2. What is the purpose of the presentation?
A. To introduce computer chips
B. To introduce an Internet security program
3. Why does the woman decide to attend the workshop?
A. She has more time to finish her work
B. Ms. Connor asked her to go
4. Who most likely are the speakers?
A. New managers
B. Sales representatives
5. What does the man ask the woman to do?

A. Read a report C. Meet the manager
B. Work overtime D. Call the CEO

6. When is the shipping report due?

A. Monday C. Thursday
B. Wednesday D. Friday

7. What type of working is being offered?

A. Product development C. Internet sales
B. Website design D. Office management

8. Why is the woman not able to attend the workshop?

A. She is too busy C. She didn’t receive the email
B. She hasn’t registered D. she has a deadline