Bài hội thoại ngắn ( TOEIC – PART 3 ) Workplace-Seminars-Business Plans_Phần 4

Từ vựng chủ điểm Business Plans

Common vocabulary

1.      Proposal : Đề xuất
2.      Management : Sự quản lý
3.      Approve : Phê duyệt
4.      Market research : Nghiên cứu thị trường
5.      Suggest : Đề nghị
6.      Strategy : Chiến lược
7.      Custom – made : Tùy chọn
8.      Appeal : Kêu gọi
1.      Reasonable : Hợp lý
2.      Estimate : Ước tính
3.      Contract : Hợp đồng
4.      Supplier : Nhà cung cấp
5.      Budget : Ngân sách
6.      Cost : Chi phí
7.      Charge : Chi phí
8.      Upgrade : Nâng cấp

Common expressions ( Listen and Repeat )


How’s going onHow’s the construction going on at our new office downtown?
Rise byThe cost of raw materials needed for production rose by 6 percent
Need a strategyIf sales are low, then we need a new marketing strategy
Do researchBefore we design the packaging, we have to do some market research
Come up withWe’ve come up with a few ideas for a new marketing campaign


Offer competitive ratesWe offer competitive rates for all types of shipments
Get an estimateI can contact our supplier and get an price estimate
Draft a contractLet’s talk about your budget, and then we can start drafting a contract

Practice : Listen to each conversation and choose correct answer to each question. You will listen two times

1. Where does the man most likely work?
A. A telecommunications company
B. A bookstore
2. What do the speakers say about the product?
A. It is not selling well
B. It is from America
3. What does the woman ask the man to do?
A. Set up her computer system
B. Provide a price estimate
4. What does the woman suggest?
A. Changing marketing strategies
B. reducing the price
5. What are the speakers mainly discussing?

A. The price of a productC. A lunch meeting
B. Plans for businessD. Rush-hour traffic

6. When will the restaurant open?

A. In 2 daysC. In 2 weeks
B. In a weekD. In a month

7. What does the woman suggest?

A. Placing an orderC. Consulting an expert
B. Speaking to the managerD. Finding a new supplier

8. What will the man do next?

A. Make some phone callsC. Buy some suppliers
B. Sign a contractD. Send e-mails