Bài hội thoại ngắn ( TOEIC – PART 3 ) Workplace-Seminars-Business Plans_Phần 5

Trong phần này chúng ta sẽ cùng luyện tập với các bài test nhé.
Actual Test 1 : Listen and choose the best answer

1. What is conversation mainly about?

A. A new colleagueC. hiring an employee
B. An application formD. College education

2. What does the woman say is the most important qualification?

A. A universityC. Strong people skills
B. Experience in public relationsD. Computer literacy

3. What will the speakers most likely do next?

A. Arrange interviewsC. Call the PR department
B. Contact candidatesD. Review some application forms

4. What are the speakers discussing?

A. A business tripC. a training schedule
B. A management conferenceD. a new colleague

5. Where did the director recently travel to?

A. PortlandC. Las Vegas
B. Los AngelesD. Seattle

6. What will the financial director do next week?

A. Go on business tripC. Arrange a meeting
B. Hire new officeD. Attend a conference

7. What are speakers discussing?

A. Planning a new projectC. meeting with the director
B. Completing an analystD. Making a presentation

8. When is the deadline?

A. MondayC. Thursday
B. WednesdayD. Friday

9. What will the man probably do next?

A. Talk to a supervisorC. Cancel a meeting
B. Write a reportD. Ask the woman for help

Actual Test 2 : Listen and choose the best answer

1. When is the meeting scheduled to begin?

A. At 1:00C. At 2:00
B. At 1:30D. At 2:30

2. Why is the man concerned about the meeting?

A. He is not ready for his presentationC. He can’t find the research report
B. He may be lateD. He doesn’t have an agenda

3. What is the man planning to discuss at the meeting?

A. Future projectsC. New employees
B. Management strategiesD. Application processes

4. What are speakers mainly discussing?

A. Travel arrangementsC. Legal problems
B. Renovations plansD. Market trends

5. What is scheduled for discussion at the meeting?

A. Production ratesC. Legal problems
B. Renovation plansD. Market trends

6. What does the man suggest doing?

A. Building a new officeC. Visiting the manufacturing plant
B. Delaying a meetingD. Waiting for a decision

7. Why did the woman miss the presentation?

A. She was out of townC. She was on the telephone
B. She was meeting clientsD. She missed the train

8. What did Diana suggest at the presentation?

A. Investing in a building projectC. Developing new products
B. Moving the company to ChinaD. Opening a new factory

9. What will the management probably do?

A. Open a new officeC. Launch a new product
B. Contact the Beijing branchD. Do some research