Bức Tranh Có Nhiều Người – TOEIC TEST PART 1

I. Cấu trúc câu sử dụng

Structure 1: S+is/ are+ V-ing+ object
Ex: Some people are riding their bikes
Structure 2: S+is/ are+ V-ing+ Prepositional phrase of place
Ex: The cars are waiting at the railroad crossing.
Structure 3: S+ is/ are+ Prepositional phrase of place
Ex: The vehicles are in the driveway.
Structure 4: S+ is/ being+ Vp2
Ex: The doors are opened.
Structure 5: S+ is/ are+ Vp2+ adverb
Ex: Cars are parked along the street.

II. Chiến thuật làm bài nghe dạng tranh có nhiều người

– Tập trung vào hành động chung hoặc nét chung về vẻ bề ngoài của mọi người ( same actions or same appreance)
– Nhấn mạnh vào mối quan hệ (Interaction: sự tương tác) giữa multiple-person
– Bẫy về similar-sounding và các extreme words (all, every…) vẫn được sử dụng

III. Những tình huống hay gặp trong bài thi Toeic

Be gathered for the meeting
Having a meeting
Addressing the colleague
Chatting with each other
Greeting with each other
Having a discussion
Shaking hands
Chatting in small group
Arm in arm
Be lined up at the door
Facing each other
Sharing a bench
Side by side
Sitting across from each other
Examining the engine
Gazing at the scenery
Staring up at the mountain
Looking through the window
Checking her reflection in the mirror
Checking her watch
Taking notes
Writing something down
Writing in some paper

IV. Mini Test

Question 1:

Question 4:

Question 2:

Question 5:

Question 3: