Cách trả lời câu hỏi Where, When & What Part 2 TOEIC_Phần 1

I. Câu hỏi WHERE.

A. Câu hỏi và câu trả lời thường gặp

Question Patterns with Where.

A. Where+ Be?

– Where is your new car?

– Where are the computers that came yesterday?

B. Where+ Do?

– Where do you leave the report?

– Where does John work now?

C. Where+ can/ will/ should?

– Where can I put this box?

– Where will the meeting take place?

D. Where+ have (has)?

Where have you been this morning?

Basic Answering Patterns.

A. Preposition (in, on, at…)+ place

+ in the storage room

+ in Rome

B. Go to+ place

+ Go up to the second floor

+ to the second floor

C. Phrases of place

+ In front of the bus station

+ At the warehouse

D. Answer with no direct references of place.

+ Anna took it early this morning

+ I have no idea

B. Các các diễn tả thường được sử dụng

Proper Names

Go to New Zealand

In the Northwest part of Illinois

It was from Switzerland

LA airport

Office 301

In Aisle 6

At the India branch.

At information desk F

At the supermarket on Davidson  Drive

Expressions of Location and Directions

Behind the building

On the first/ second/ third/ four/ fifth floor

Around the corner

By the lounge

By the file cabinet

In the bathroom cabinet

In the filing cabinet

In my desk’s drawer

On the ground floor

At a hotel near the airport

On my desk

In the convention hall

Near the park

Go to the cafeteria

C. Check-up
Check-up 1: Listen and choose the right response

1. Where do you park the vehicle?


2. Where did you go for your trip?


3. Where’s the seminar going to be held?


4. Where can I get a pass to the subway?


5. Where can I catch the train to Madison?


6. Where do you want me to put this package?


7. Where did you say you put the revised report?


8. Where will you stay when you go to New Zealand?


Check-up 2 : Listen and fill in the blanks

1. Where should I …………….this check to?
icon-list-2To the address listed at the bottom
2. Where can I …………a blanket cleaned?
icon-list-2There is a place up the road
3. Where have……………all day long?
icon-list-2At the dentist’s
4. Where is……………..I bought last week?
icon-list-2We used it up
5. Where can …………….of this proposal?
icon-list-2I’ll see to it
6. Where………….Mr. Tyron…………?
icon-list-2At the India branch.
7. Where do you……………?
icon-list-2In my desk drawers
8. Where are…………..?
icon-list-2I have them